• We can’t believe how cheap Amazon Bowflex dumbbells are

    Free weights like dumbbells are a versatile choice for muscle mass, conditioning and strength training. Thanks to some of the best Bowflex deals and general dumbbell deals, you can usually find them at great prices too. And don’t forget to get a great protein powder discount to help you gain weig...
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  • Comment: Smrtft’s Nuobell adjustable dumbbell set is the best we have ever used

    Note: If you buy through the links in this article, InsideHook may make a small profit. Even if thousands of people return to the gym after a year of online exercise, many people still give up public exercise places and use home gyms instead. Equipped with the right equipment, your basement sweat...
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  • The difference between dumbbell curl and barbell curl! Who is better?

    The biceps connect the forearm and the forearm to drive the elbow joint to flex and extend! As long as there is arm flexion and extension, it will be exercised To put it bluntly, the biceps exercise revolves around two words: curls! Many people will have such a question during training! Since ...
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  • What is the difference between dumbbells and barbells?

    Everything has relative advantages and disadvantages. Fitness equipment is no exception. As the most commonly used and core fitness equipment, disputes over which barbell or dumbbell is better have been ongoing. But to make better use of barbells and dumbbells, we must first understand their adva...
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  • How many kilograms of dumbbells are suitable?

    It is recommended that the initial training intensity should be 5-7.5 kg for the biceps. If the triceps is done with dumbbells, it is 2.5-5 kg with one hand and 10 kg at the shoulder. Therefore, considering that you initially buy a pair of dumbbells with a nominal 30 kg (actually only more than 2...
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